Hotel Services


Air Conditioning

60% of the rooms are equipped with an Air Conditioning unit with cooling function. The remote control is located on the wall close to the bath room.



Budapest International Airport is terminal Ferihegy 1 and terminal Ferihegy II. Ferihegy 1 is located is 17km away from the hotel (approx. 25 minutes by car). Ferihegy II is 21km away from the hotel and takes about 30 minutes by car to reach this airport.

In case of transportation, please refer to ‘Transportation Information’ within this directory.



The hotel can provide baby cribs with advance notice. We also have supply of often forgotten travel necessities, such as disposable razors, shaving cream, shoe polisher, toothbrushes and toothpaste.


Banking ATM Service

The nearest bank with ATM service is 100meters away from the hotel:

MKB Bank, Budapest, Váci u. 38.



It is available upon request at the Reception.

Dial: “3”


Buffet Breakfast

We offer hot buffet breakfast, which is served at the Matthias Cellar Restaurant. If you booked a room without breakfast, then the breakfast will cost € 7.-/person.


Car Rental

Our Front Desk staff will be glad to assist you renting a car.

Dial: “3”


Check cashing

Due to limited amount of cash kept on the property, the hotel is unable to provide check cashing services. Please contact the Front Desk for directions to the nearest bank or ATM.


Check-in & Check-out Times

Check-in time is 2 PM. Check-out time is 11 AM. Should you need to extend your departure time, please notify the Front Desk. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.



Up to 12 years old free accommodation for children, who are sharing the room with the parents (two adults). Free breakfast up to six years old and 50% discount on breakfast between 6-12 years old children. If the room rate excludes breakfast, then the breakfast price is € 3.50.-/child.


Church Services / Churches

You can ask about worships at the Front Desk.

Dial: “3”


Concerts / Theatre / Opera

The Front Desk will be glad to give you information about the current program.

Dial: “3”



It is available upon request at the Front Desk.

Dial: “3”


Credit Card Information

We accept MasterCard, American Express, Visa and JCB.



Cribs are as a complimentary special request item through the front desk. The number of available cribs is limited and will be provided on a first come, first served basis.


Direct Dialing

All rooms are equipped with a direct-dialing telephone. Please dial “0” for a line. For more information about the country codes please see ‘Telephone Information”.



In the event of an emergency, medical or otherwise, please contact the Front Desk for immediate attention.

Dial: “3”


Excursions and City Tours

Information and booking, please contact the Front Desk.

Dial: “3”


Fax service

The hotel’s fax number is: (+361) 317 9086. There is no charge for incoming guest faxes at the Front Desk.


Fire Safety and Emergency Exits

The hotel is equipped with fire prevention devices. For your safety, please familiarize yourself with the fire alarm locations, exit routes and the fire safety guidelines. This information is posted on the back of each guest room door. Further information is to be found at the ‘Fire & Safety Procedures’ in this directory.



All rooms are equipped with a fridge for your use.



Please forward your request related to housekeeping (extra linens, towels, blanket or pillows) to the Front Desk.

Dial: “3”



Complimentary service of wireless internet is provided in 40% of the rooms. In addition, free internet terminal and Wireless internet is available in the lobby area.


Iron/Ironing Board

It is available on request.

Dial: “3”


Key Card:

Should you lose your key card, please notify the Front Desk immediately so that your lock may be re-coded. Please return your key card to the Front Desk upon check out.


Laundry & Dry Cleaning

For your convenience, a laundry bag and dry cleaning list are provided at the Front Desk. No service on Saturday and Sunday or holidays. One day service if articles are received at the Front Desk by 9 AM.


Lost and Found

For articles lost or found, please contact the Front Desk.

Dial: “3”


Mail & Messages

Mail and Messages received at the hotel may be collected by either calling or stopping by the Front Desk.



A list of Budapest’s museums with ongoing exhibitions is available at the Front Desk.

Dial. “3”



The hotel does not have an own garage; however we offer parking in the Franklin-ház,which can be found with 5 minutes drive from our hotel.

Address: 1052, Budapest, Reáltanoda u. 5.

Parking period: Monday-Sunday – 24 hours

Parking fee: 10 % discount for hotel guest, if you ask our reception to stamp your parking card. 6500 Ft/day or 500 Ft/hour 8 AM–8 PM 300 Ft/hour 8 PM–8 AM. The fee is payable in Franklin-ház.

Parking places are available at the nearby streets of the Hotel. Parking fee: 400,-HUF/hour on working days 8 AM- 8 PM (parking period is max. 2 hours).


Pay TV

Your television is additionally equipped with “pay per day” video channels. Presently a Sport channel and a MGM movie channel and an adult channel are available. The service charge is 10 EUR per day.


Pet Policy

Pets are welcomed in the City Hotel Mátyás. However, we ask you to carefully review the following pet policy:

  • Guests bringing a pet must be willing to stay in a Smoking room.
  • A non-refundable pet fee of € 10.00 per night is added to all Pet rooms.
  • Pet owners agree to not leave their pet unattended at any time during their stay at the hotel
  • Maid service will be provided only if the pet is removed from the room during the service.
  • Pet owner will be fully responsible for any injuries to the hotel employee or other hotel guest caused by their pets
  • Pet owner will be responsible for the repair of replacement of any items stained or damaged by their pets.



The nearest pharmacy is located at the corner of Váci utca and Irányi utca. The Front Desk can inform you about the pharmacy’s service and opening hours on request.


Public Transportation

Please contact the Front Desk for detailed information. You can also buy Budapest Card at the Front Desk, which includes unlimited use of public transportation.

Budapest Card is a discount card for tourists, which is valid for 48 or 72 hours, and which offers more than 150 different discounts for visitors to Budapest.

48-hour Budapest Card: HUF 6300 (≈ EUR 24)

72-hour Budapest Card: HUF 7500 (≈ EUR 29)

Prices are valid until 31st of March 2011.



Advance reservations are always recommended. Let the Front Desk staff make your future reservations for you. You can also contact our Reservation Office after your departure at (36-1) 318-0595 phone number or write an e-mail to Visit our website ( to see our latest special offers.



Our restaurant is the Mátyás Pince (Mathias Cellar Restaurant) located next to the Front Desk.

Opening hours Monday through Sunday from 11 AM-24PM. Guests staying at City Hotel Mátyás will receive a special offer.

For reservation please dial: “92”


Room Service

For your convenience, room service is available seven days a week.

The hours are Monday through Sunday: 11 AM-24 PM

Dial: “92”                                                                                       


Safe Deposit of Valuables

Please do not leave your money or valuables in your room. We offer complimentary safe deposit boxes located at the Front Desk. For the security of your valuables please let us be of service.


Sales Office

For personal assistance in group accommodations, please contact our sales department through the Front Desk or at the (+36 1) 318 0595 or write an e-mail to


Security / Safety

Please refer to the safety and security information pages in this directory for details.


Taxi Service

Please call the Front Desk and they will be happy to order a taxi for you. You can also refer to the ‘Transportation Information’ within this directory. Making arrangements in advance is strongly recommended.


Wake Up Call

If you would like a wake up call, please notify the front Desk.

Dial: “3”

Telephone Directory



Calling room to room:           Dial the room number

Front desk:                             3

Restaurant /Room service:     92



Dialing numbers in Budapest: Please dial 0 for an outside line followed by the local number.


National calls within Hungary: Please dial 0 for an outside line, + 06 + the area code + the local number.


International calls: Pleased dial 0 + 00+ country code + the local number


To receive calls and faxes from international location:

Phone number of the hotel:    +36 1 338 4711

Fax number of the hotel:        +36 1 317 9086



TV csatornák / TV channels


  1. MTV 1                            
  2. RTLklub             
  3. TVE                                
  4. Mediaset 1                      
  5. Sat 1                               
  6. Das Erste             
  7. TV5 monde                    
  8. CNN                               
  9. Euro Sport                      


Pay TV: the television is additionally equipped with “pay per day” video channels. Presently MGM movie channel and an adult channel are available. The service charge is 10 EUR per day.

Telephone Zones

1. zóna: Ausztria vezetékes/Austria, Belgium vezetékes/Belgium, Csehország vezetékes/Czeck Republic, Franciaország vezetékes/France, Hollandia vezetékes/The Netherlands, Luxemburg vezetékes/Luxemburg, Németország vezetékes/Germany, Olaszország vezetékes/Italy, Vatikán vezetékes/Vatikan, Spanyolország vezetékes/Spain, Svájc vezetékes/Switzerland, Görögország vezetékes/Greece, Portugália vezetékes/Portugal

2. zóna: Ciprus vezetékes/Cyprus, Nagy-Britannia és Észak-Írország Egyesült Királysága vezetékes/Great-Britain and North-Ireland United Kingdom, Svédország vezetékes/Sweden, Horvátország vezetékes/Croatia, Szlovénia vezetékes/Slovenia, Észtország vezetékes/Estonia, Finnország vezetékes/Finnland, Kanada/Canada, Lengyelország vezetékes/Poland, Szlovákia vezetékes/Slovakia, Amerikai Egyesült Államok/ United States of America

3. zóna: Amerikai Virgin-szigetek/ American Virgin Islands, Ausztrália vezetékes/Australia, Dánia vezetékes/Denmark, Hongkong vezetékes/Hongkong, Írország vezetékes/Ireland, Izrael vezetékes/Israel, Moldova vezetékes/Moldova, Montenegró vezetékes/Montenegro, Norvégia vezetékes/Norway, Puerto Rico/Puerto Rico, Szerbia vezetékes/Serbia, Románia vezetékes/Romania, Ukrajna vezetékes/Ukraine

4. zóna: Macedónia vezetékes/Macedonia

5. zóna: Albánia vezetékes/Albania, Bosznia-Hercegovina vezetékes/Bosnia Hercegovina, Izland/Iceland, Lettország vezetékes/Latvia, Litvánia vezetékes/Lithuania, Szingapúr vezetékes/Singapur, Törökország vezetékes/Turkey, Németország mobil/Germany mobile, Csehország mobil/Czeck Republic, Szlovákia mobil/Slovakia mobile, Románia mobil/Romania mobile, Ausztria mobil/Austria mobile

6. zóna: Albánia mobil/Albania mobile, Andorra/Andorra, Bosznia-Hercegovina mobil/Bosnia Hercegovina mobile, Bulgária/Bulgaria, Fehéroroszország/Belorussia, Hollandia mobil/The Netherlands mobile, Izrael mobil/Israel mobile, Szerbia mobil/Serbia mobile, Montenegró mobil/Montenegro mobile, Kolumbia/Columbia, Koreai Köztársaság/Republic of Corea, Liechtenstein vezetékes/Liechtenstein mobile, Luxemburg mobil/Luxemburg mobile, Málta/Malta, Moldova mobil/Moldova mobile, Monaco vezetékes/Monco, San Marino/San Marino, Spanyolország mobil/Spain mobile, Svédország mobil/Sweden mobile, Szingapúr mobil/Singapore mobile, Tajvan/Taiwan, Törökország mobil/Turkey mobile, Ukrajna mobil/Ukraine mobile, Kazahsztán/Kazahstan, Oroszország/Russia, Macedónia mobil/Macedonia mobile, Szlovénia mobil/Slovenia mobile, Horvátország mobil/Croatia mobile, Belgium mobil/Belgium mobile, Olaszország mobil/Italy mobile, Finnország mobil/Finnland mobile, Nagy-Britannia és Észak-Írország mobil/ Great-Britain and North-Ireland mobile

7. zóna: Algéria/Algeria, Ausztrália mobil/Australia mobile, Botswana/Botswana, Ciprus mobil/Cyprus mobile, Comore-szigetek/Comore Islands, Dánia mobil/Denmark mobile, Dél-afrikai Köztársaság/Republic of South Afria, Észtország mobil/Estonia mobile, Francia Guyana/French Guyana mobile, Fülöp-szigetek/Phillipine Islands, Görögország mobi/Greece mobile, Grönland/Greenland, Grúzia/Georgia, Guadeloupe/Guadeloupe, Guinea/Guinea, Hong Kong mobil/Hong Kong mobile, Indonézia/Indonesia, Írország mobil/Ireland mobile, Jamaica/Jamaica, Japán/Japan, Kína/China, Lettország mobil/Latvia mobie, Líbia/Libya, Litvánia mobil/Latvia mobile, Marokkó/Marocco, Martinique/Martinique, Mayotte/Mayotte, Mexikó/Mexico, Monaco mobil/Monaco mobile, Norvégia mobil/Norway mobile, Palesztin Önkormányzati Területek/Palestinian Local Government Areas, Portugália mobil/Portugal mobile, Réunion/Reunoion, Saint-Pierre és Miquelon/Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Svájc mobil/Switzerland mobile, Thaiföld/Thailand, Franciaország mobil/French mobile

8. zóna: Angola/Angola, Argentína/Argentina, Aruba/Aruba, Azerbajdzsán/Azerbaijsan, Bahrein/Bahrein, Belize/Belize, Brazília/Brazil, Egyesült Arab Emírségek/United Arabic Emirates, Gibraltár/Gibraltar, Guatemala/Guatemala, Irán/Iran, Jordánia/Jordan, Katar/Qatar, Kongó/Congo, Lengyelország mobil/Poland mobile, Liechtenstein mobil/Liechtenstein mobile, Malajzia/Malaysia, Niger/Niger, Nigéria/Nigeria, Szíria/Syria, Tunézia/Tunesia, Uganda/Uganda, Új-Zéland/New Zealand, Üzbegisztán/Uzbegistan, Zimbabwe/Zimbabwe

9. zóna: Antigua és Barbuda/Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados/Barbados, Bermuda/Bermuda, Brit Virgin-szigetek/ British Virgin Islands, Burkina Faso/Burkina Faso, Chile/Chile, Dominikai Közösség/Dominican Community, Elefántcsontpart/Ivory Coast, Feröer-szigetek/Feroer Islands, Ghána/Ghana, Honduras/Honduras, India/India, Kajmán-szigetek/Cayman Islands, Kuvait/Kuwait, Malawi/Malawi, Mauritánia/Muritania, Montserrat/Montserrat, Omán/Oman, Örményország/Armenia, Panama/Panama, Peru/Peru, Saint Lucia/Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent és a Grenadine-szigetek/St Vincent and Grandines, Szaúd-Arábia/Saudi Arabia, Szváziföld/Swziland, Turks- és Caicosszigetek/Turks and Caios-Island, Venezuela/Venezuela

10. zóna: Anguilla/Anguilla, Benin/Benin, Bhután/Bhutan, Brunei/Brunei, Burundi/Burundi, Csád/Chad, Dominikai Köztársaság/Republic of Dominica, Ecuador/Ecuador, Egyenlítői-Guinea/Equatorial Guinea, Egyiptom/Egypt, Gabon/Gabon, Haiti/Haiti, Holland Antillák/Netherlands Antilles, Jemen/Jemen, Kamerun/Kamerun, Kenya/Kenya, Kirgizisztán/Kirgisistan, Lesotho/Lesotho, Libanon/Libanon, Libéria/Liberia, Madagaszkár/Madagaskar, Makaó/Macao, Maldív-szigetek/Maldive Islands, Mauritius/Mauritius, Mongólia/Mongolia, Mozambik/Mozambik, Namíbia/Namibia, Nicaragua/Nicaragua, Saint Kitts és Nevis/St Kitts and Nevis, Seychelle-szigetek/Saychelle Islands, Sierra Leone/Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka/Sri Lanka, Szenegál/Senegal, Szudán/Sudan, Tanzánia/Tanzania, Zanzibár/Zansibar, Togo/Togo, Uruguay/Uruguay, Zambia/Zambia

11. zóna: Afganisztán/Afganistan, Amerikai Szamoa/American Samoa, Ascension/Ascension, Ausztrália külbirtokai (Antarktisz, Norfolk-sziget)/Australia’s foreign lands (Antarctic,Norfolk Island), Bahama-szigetek/Bahama Island, Banglades/Banglades, Bissau-Guinea/Bissau Giunea, Bolívia/Bolivia, Cook-szigetek/Cook Islands, Costa Rica/Costa Rica, Diego Garcia/Diego Garcia, Dzsibuti/Djibouti, Eritrea/Eritrea, Északi-Mariana-szigetek/North Mariana Island, Etiópia/Etiopia, Falkland-szigetek/Falkland Island, Fidzsi-szigetek/Fidji Island, Francia Polinézia/French Polinesia, Gambia/Gambia, Grenada/Grenada, Guam/Guam, Guyana/Guyana, Irak/Irak, Kambodzsa/Cambodia, Kelet-Timor/East Timor, Kiribati/Kiribati, Kongói Demokratikus Köztársaság (Zaire)/Zaire, Koreai NDK/Corea DPR, Közép-afrikai Köztársaság/Central African Republic, Kuba/Cuba, Laosz/Laos, Mali/Mali, Marshall-szigetek/Marchall Island, Mianmar/Myanmar, Mikronézia/Micronesia, Midway/Midway, Nauru/Nauru, Nepál/Nepal, Niue/Niue, Pakisztán/Pakistan, Palau/Palau, Pápua Új-Guinea/Pápus New Guinea, Paraguay/Paraguay, Ruanda/Ruanda, Szent Ilona/St. Helena, Salamon-szigetek/Salamon Islands, Salvador/Salvador, Sao Tomé és Príncipe/Sao Tome and Principe, Suriname/Suriname, Szamoa/Samoa, Szomália/Somalia, Tádzsikisztán/Tadjikistan, Tokelau-szigetek/Tokelau Islands, Tonga/Tonga, Trinidad és Tobago/Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu/Tuvalu, Türkmenisztán/Turkmenistan, Új-Kaledónia/New Caledonia, Vanuatu/Vanatau, Vietnam/Vietman, Wake/Wake, Wallis és Futuna/Wallis and Futuna, Zöld-foki Köztársaság/Cape Verde

Azon országok esetében, ahol a mobil, nem földrajzi számú- és vezetékes tarifák azonosak, az adott országnál nincs külön megjelölve, hogy a tarifa a vezetékes, mobilirányú és nem földrajzi szám hívásokra vonatkozik.

For those countries where the mobile, non-geographical numbers and landline tariffs are identical, there is no specific indication that the tariffs for fixed line, mobile and direction of non-geographic number calls.

Source: (30.01.2011)


Country codes


Albania                       355

Algeria                        213

Armenia                      374

Australia                     61

Austria                                   43

Belgium                      32

Bosnia&Herzogovina 387

Brazil                          55

Bulgaria                      359

Canada                       1

China                          86

Croatia                                   385

Cuba                           53

Cyprus                                    357

CzechRepublic          420

Denmark                     45

Egypt                          20

Finland                       358

France                         33

Germany                     49

Great Britain              44

Greece                        30

Greenland                   299

Guatemala                  502

Honduras                    504

Hong Kong                 852

Hungary                     36

Iceland                                   354

India                           91

Indonesia                    62

Iraq                             964

Iran                             98

Ireland                                    353

Israel                           972

Italy                            39

Japan                          81

Jordan                         962

Kazakhstan                 7

Korea                          82

Kuwait                                   965

Liechtenstein              423

Luxemburg                 352

Malaysia                     60

Morocco                     212

Mexico                       52

Monaco                      377

Namibia                      264

Netherlands                31

New Zealand              64

Nigeria                        234

Norway                      47

Poland                        48

Portugal                      351

Romania                     40

Serbia and Montenegro 381

Singapore                   65

Slovakia                      421

Slovenia                      386

South Africa               27

Spain                          34

Sudan                         249

Sweden                      46

Switzerland                41

Syria                           963

Tajikistan                    992

Taiwan                        886

Thailand                     66

Tunisia                        216

Turkey                        90

Turkmenistan              993

Ukraine                       380

U A Emirates             971

USA                           1

Uzbekistan                 998

Vatican                       396

Venezuela                   58

Zambia                       260

Zimbabwe                  263

Telephone Charges


Local                                      HUF 16/min

National                                 HUF 26/min

Mobile (National)                   HUF 120/min



Zone 1                                    HUF 41/min

Zone 2                                    HUF 68/min

Zone 3                                    HUF 90/min

Zone 5                                    HUF 180/min

Zone 6                                    HUF 218/min

Zone 7                                    HUF 237/min

Zone 8                                    HUF 312/min

Zone 9                                    HUF 364/min

Zone 10                                  HUF 522/min

Zone 11                                  HUF 1219/min

Charges include 27% VAT and are charged on a per minute basis from at the beginning of each call.